At 65, ET Gets Upgrade To A University

Managing Director of Ethiopian Aviation University, Ato Kassie Yimam says: “We are happy to announce that our 65 years old Academy, which is the secret behind the success of Ethiopian Airlines Group, has transitioned to a university offering degree programs accepting both Ethiopian and international students. The University will continue to contribute to the rapidly growing aviation sector of Ethiopia in particular and the continent at large.”
This announcement followed the upgrade of Ethiopian Aviation to an aviation university, launching undergraduate and postgraduate programs in aerospace and hospitality fields.
After it was upgraded to a university level, the Aviation Academy which has been offering aviation training programmes such as pilot, aircraft technician, cabin crew, airline sales and services, and other trainings, launched degree programmes such as BSc degree in Aeronautical Engineering, BSc degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, BSc degree in Aviation Management, BA degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management and MBA in Aviation Management.
As a member of the Ethiopian Airlines Group which includes Ethiopian Airports, Ethiopian MRO Services, Ethiopian Inflight Services and Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, the university offers programmes with advanced curriculums which are taught by faculty and industry practitioners.
Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mr. Mesfin Tasew stated: “After continuous breakthrough expansion and investment, the upgrading of the 65 years old Ethiopian Aviation Academy to a University level offering several degree programmes is yet another milestone in the long and successful journey of our airline, and will maintain its leadership in the industry.
The University is committed to develop skilled workforce by offering undergraduate and postgraduate aviation programmes and is expected to produce highly skilled aviation professionals and leaders that meet the growing human resource needs of Ethiopian Airlines Group and other airlines in the region”
The Ethiopian Aviation Academy had recently inaugurated a new training center in Hawassa city.

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