What FAAN Should Do For Oil Marketers, By AFMAN

The Aviation Fuel Marketers Association of Nigeria (AFMAN) has called on the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to to discourage racketeering and black-market business of Aviation fuel and review land lease arrangement and multiple charges.
In his presentation at the on-going FAAN National Aviation Conferences (FNAC) in Abuja with the theme: ‘Advancing the Frontiers of Possibilities for Safe, Secure and Profitable Air Transport, AFMAN Secretary General, Engr. John Adewole Abegunde said “FAAN should watch out for portfolio and unlicensed suppliers to discourage racketeering and black-market business of Aviation fuel.”
“FAAN needs to review land lease arrangement and multiple charges as the volumes are no more looking good to the initial business projection.”
Challenges identified as militating challenges against achievement of AFMAN’s mandates are product availability, product price often not competitive, logistics challenges and inequality in standard operating practices.
Aviation Fuel is fully deregulated and that therefore, government should hands off from all commercial related issues while FAAN, NCAA & NMDPRA should be more concerned about the stringency of the aviation fueling requirement. AFMAN further called on NCAA and NMDPRA to ammonize oversight responsibilities to ensure no quality compromise in this area of business.
It equally wants all parties to encourage aviation fuel marketers’ association of Nigeria (AFMAN) to have benefit of organized private sector like NMA, NBA, NSE and the likes.

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