What Drones Regulation Seeks To Achieve, By DG, NCAA

What Drones Regulation Seeks To Achieve, By DG, NCAA

The Director General of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt. Musa Nuhu says  the regulation of the use of drones in Nigeria will create a level playing field for RPAS/UAV operators, address the  issues of registration of drones, owners and operators, Security Approvals,  Operational Certification/ Approval,  Airworthiness Approval,  Licensing of pilots and other personnel, Economic Authorisation and  Privacy issues.

In his presentation titled “Drones Essence, Growth And Regulation In Nigeria” which he made at the Airport Business Summit On Cargo & Aero Logistics And Drones Technology Expo held in Lagos, Nuhu said: “There is a need to mitigate risks to national security and public safety, posed by people who are not playing by the rules. We must ensure that the Nigerian Airspace remains safe and that the benefits of UAV operations is well understood and well implemented.”

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