NATCA Wants IFATCA To Assist Needy Member Associations

NATCA Wants IFATCA To Assist Needy Member Associations

President of Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), Mr. Abayomi Agoro has appealed to International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Association (IFATCA) to provide assistance to member associations (MAs) that require assistance.

Presenting his welcome address at the 34th IFATCA Africa and Middle East regional meeting held on December 6th, 2023 at Abuja, Agoro said: “NATCA believes that there are some MAs that need assistance from the IFATCA to surmount some of its technical, operational and welfare challenges. These MAs are an integral part of the federation and thus we feel that not paying attention to their plight might be holding the whole region from moving forward as a collective body. This observation does not in any way mean that those MAs are unable to resolve their challenges but we are of the opinion that it will take them a longer time and more resources to address some of their challenges.

In line with the above, NATCA solicits that this meeting request for more inputs from MAs in order to review the current state of the whole region with a view to identifying areas of shortfalls and determining how to help.”

He noted that “NATCA has enhanced our professional status and successfully positioned the profession amongst the nation’s aviation stakeholders in policy formulations.”

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