ICAO Audit: Nigeria Records Better Result Than 2016 Scores

Nigeria has scored 70% of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Universal Safety Audit Program Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP)- CMA that was concluded yesterday, representing a 3% higher score than that of the last audit that occurred in 2016 where the country scored 67.1%.
The audit took place between August 30 and September 11, 2023 focusing on a State’s capability in providing safety oversight by assessing whether the State has implemented the critical elements (CEs) of a safety oversight system effectively and consistently.
This audit enables the State to ensure the implementation of ICAO’s safety-related Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and associated procedures and guidance material and also provides ICAO with a means to monitor continuously the States’ fulfillment of their safety oversight obligations.
Some of this year’s audit reports in Effective Implementation (EI) indicate that in Legislation, the State (represented by the CAA) scored 90%, a reduction from the 95% it scored in the last audit and scored 83% in Organization compared to the 100% it scored previously.
The CAA scored 84% in Personnel Licensing and scored 62% in Operations compared to its last score of 57%.
For Airworthiness, the CAA scored 94% compared to its previous 90% in the last audit while the audit for Accident Investigation got a resounding 89% five points up from its previous 84% score.
In Aerodrome and Ground Aids, Nigeria scored 56% and 44% in Air Navigation Services.
The NCAA maintained its last score of 89.66% in the area of Legislation and scored 89.87% in Organization, 78.33% in Regulations and 60.98% in Qualified Technical personnel.

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