FLIDAN Applauds NCAA On United Nigeria Incident, Appreciates Airline For Reinstating Dispatcher

The Flight Dispatchers Association of Nigeria (FLIDAN) has applauded the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for taking decisive action in upholding the safety standards of the industry as regards the United Nigeria flight incidence of November 26, 2023.

A statement signed by Victoria  Adegbe, Secretary General, FLIDAN further reads”We are pleased that Operational control was restored to the Lessees OCC and appropriate flight briefing from point of departure ingrained. NCAA also demonstrated high professionalism when they cited that the approved filed ATC flight plan ought to be adhered to.

In the same spirit, we deeply appreciate the United Nigeria Management for reinstating the flight dispatcher who was suspended during the cause of the investigation. We wish you safer skies, more payload and a happy new year.”

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Albinus Chiedu

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