Book Reveals The People Behind Nigeria’s Woes

Book Reveals The People Behind Nigeria’s Woes

Number Of Pages: 80
Date Of Publication: FEBRUARY 2022
Place Of Publication: LAGOS, NIGERIA

For the first time, an attempt has been made to identify the major characters responsible for Nigeria’s stagnation and developmental problems. According to this author, those characters have held the country down for so long and posed a hindrance to the greatness of Nigeria as a country.
THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NIGERIA’S PROBLEM is a seven-chapter book, which leaves every reader with a reward, including fantastic business opportunities and ideas.
Chapter One lashes at those who curse Nigeria on a daily basis and yet, expect Nigeria to work for them. “WHAT YOU CURSE CAN HARDLY WOKK FOR YOU,” says this book.
Chapter two identifies Nigerians who have poverty of the mind, including a Federal Legislator, and how this mind poverty has affected Nigeria as a country.
Chapter Three points out people who do not believe in the Nigerian Dream, including some politicians, security officers, leaders and some other professionals.
Chapter Four fingers people in the family institution and how their conduct have hindered Nigeria’s progress.
Chapter Five unfolds factors that have sustained Nigeria’s togetherness amidst unimaginable challenges, highlighting the historic place of June 12, 1993 Presidential Elections in Nigeria and the implications of ENDSARS Protest of October 2020.
Chapter Six projects the future of Nigeria, offering possible measures that could take the country back to the actualization of its originally destined greatness.
“If you truly desire change in Nigeria, start the change…”
“Do not out of the hatred for your mischievous President or Governor, destroy your state or country.”
Chapter Seven contains dozens of business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria. This is of high economic benefit, considering the high unemployment rate in Nigeria. Some of the sectors include security, ICT, electricity/power, agriculture, food business, fashion designing, water business real estate, comedy etc.
Prospecting investors would equally find this book useful, as it highlights areas of the economy, yearning for profitable investment.
At the end, the author devoted a whole chapter to the way out of the social, political and economic crises, believing that certain business opportunities still exist despite the activities of The People Who Are Nigeria’s Problem.
Albinus Chiedu, the author of this book, attended University of Lagos (Human Resources Management ), Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (Mass Communication) and Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria.
In his forward to the book, renowned aviator and President, Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI), Dr Gbenga Olowo agreed with the author that over the years, something negative happened, which drastically affected the psyche of the average Nigerian citizen and this was caused by a group of people. He appreciated the fact that the book identified such people that need to change their attitude in order to achieve the desired repairs to the damages in the moral, social, religious, economic and political spheres.
He therefore, recommended the book to every Nigerian who desires that Nigeria works for him or her again. Dr Olowo equally believes that the book will be very useful to the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and other similar government agencies.
Going through the masterpiece, one does not need to be told that the author’s intention is to correct the misconception in some quarters about Nigeria as a country. This, he achieved at the early stage of the book by speaking directly to reasonable minds that desire positivity in a clime surrounded by wind of negatives in perception.
One can say that this book is designed to give useful information, which would help rebuild the image of Nigeria worldwide. Such guidance from the author, no doubt will help to address the lingering negative tags that have been identified with Nigeria and Nigerians.
No doubt, the book is a personal perspective on the moral decadence that has enveloped the country and the neglects that have greeted them, which is geared towards enabling the present generation to know who they are and where they ought to be.
This effort, therefore, should be considered as a concise and reliable guide, or as a quick and refreshing source of reference, which future researchers on Nigeria’s development would rely on to advance more knowledge about the country.
It is important to note that the author is aware of the limitations for which his work could be criticized. He thus, stated that he is not a perfect person and that no one is. This good measure of personal conviction could be clearly seen all through the book.
The author’s use of language and his simple style of presenting information devoid of ambiguities is highly commendable. Since this book attempts to correct the evils in the Nigerian society, it needs to be read carefully with an open mind so that we achieve a better Nigeria that will be beneficial to all.
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