Babalakin Identifies Consequences Of Not Implementing Agreements With Bicourtney On MMA2

Babalakin Identifies Consequences Of Not Implementing Agreements With Bicourtney On MMA2

The Chairman of Bicourtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of Murtala Muhammed Airport2 (MMA2) Terminal, Dr. Wale Babalakin has identified some consequences of non-implementation of agreements signed between BASL and some parties as well as certain minuses recorded by the industry as a result.
Babalakin said in a press conference held today at MMA2 Terminal that despite the permission granted MMA2 in an agreement BASL signed to host regional flights from the terminal, the agreement is yet to be implemented.
“We are being unfair to passengers going to Ghana who come to Lagos from Abuja, from other places. They have to taxi to international airport to go to Ghana,” he said, explaining that the cost of fuel and impact on passengers make it necessary for regional flights to take off from MMA2 where such passengers landed.
Babalakin said the airlines are bleeding from the cost of taxiying passengers from one terminal to another, stating that the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) of Lagos airport is owned by BASL based on the 36-year Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) agreement that was signed.
“We have been negotiating with FAAN since 2007. We agreed on everything except the GAT. The GAT is part of our concession,” he said.
Babalakin further said his company was interested in the on-going bid for concession of airport terminals at Nigeria’s four major international airports, based on BASL’s 14-year experience in such venture.
He further disclosed that three African nations had approached BASL to help them do airport terminals, based on their performance with MMA2 but “we could not do it because non compliance with agreement has messed up pour cash flow.”

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