What Reciprocity On Routes, Entry Points Can Do For Nigeria, By ART

What Reciprocity On Routes, Entry Points Can Do For Nigeria, By ART

The President of Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI), Dr. Gabriel Olowo says the foremost aviation NGO in Nigeria is persuaded that reciprocity on number of frequencies and choice of entry points for foreign airlines operating into Nigeria “remains the necessary and sufficient condition to avail markets for our carriers, address anti competition practices prevailent in Nigeria market till date due to corruption, reduce the heavy demand on FX for Airline home remittance, build
strong Nigerian Flag Carriers and consequently build a strong economy.”
In a statement he signed, Olowo said: “I am indeed very elated to read the current decision by Government through Aviation DG Capt Nuhu Musa that our long time agitation on schedule reciprocity to Nigeria is finally being addressed.
Emirate ( EK ) was granted Only one weekly frequency and to only One entry point (ABV ) on Thursdays in its winter schedule.
Emirates had before now operated 21 weekly frequencies to Two Entry points
(LOS and ABV) where as Nigerian Carrier Air Peace wanted 3 Frequencies to Sharjah and was granted only One weekly frequency reported “The Travel Port “.
Action of the DG here is highly commendable and confirm his professionalism and love for Nigeria to emancipate and address the Negative Balance of Trade between reciprocating countries participating in Nigeria’s BASA.
ART Hopes and is Persuaded that correction of these anomalies will NOT be treated in isolation but applied to ALL the foreign operations into Nigeria.”

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