Touting, Extortion: FAAN To Establish Magistrate Courts At Int’l Airports

Touting, Extortion: FAAN To Establish Magistrate Courts At Int’l Airports

The Managing Director/ Chief Executive of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mrs. Olubunmi Kuku, has announced plans to establish magistrate courts at international airports to expedite the legal process for prosecuting those involved in touting, extortion, and illicit activities at the airports.

In a recent interview at her office, Mrs. Kuku expressed her deep concern over the ongoing harassment and extortion of passengers at the airports, emphasizing her commitment to creating a seamless and pleasant experience for travelers. As a result, her administration has launched an extensive campaign to crack down on these illegal activities and has established a dedicated task force.

To spearhead this initiative, Mr. Henry Agbebire, Director of Special Duties at FAAN, has been appointed as the chairman of the task force. Mrs. Kuku has also declared her intention to personally engage with all government agencies operating at the airports to ensure compliance with the anti-touting and anti-extortion measures.

Warning all airport personnel, including FAAN staff, Mrs. Kuku stated that strict disciplinary actions would be taken against anyone found engaging in illicit practices. She stressed that the era of business as usual is over and highlighted the administration’s zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct.

The task force has been mandated to enforce discipline among airport staff and maintain a culture of professionalism at all levels.

In addition, dedicated phone lines and QR codes will be set up to provide passengers with a means of providing feedback on their airport experience. Furthermore, Mrs. Kuku emphasized that all airport personnel must prominently display their on-duty cards and name tags for easy identification and accountability.

In conclusion, Mrs. Kuku reiterated FAAN’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and ensuring a safe and secure environment for all passengers and airport users.

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