TAAG Begins Luanda-Lisbon Flights

TAAG Begins Luanda-Lisbon Flights

TAAG Angola Airlines says it has resumed the exclusive operation of the Luanda-Lisbon route with its international fleet, following its fleet maintenance and recovery plan and in order to better respond to market needs and its business strategy.

The route, which has two flights a day, will be operated by two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with a total capacity of 293 passengers distributed between first, business and economy class.

This service was previously carried out using an aircraft from the HiFly airline, on a wet lease basis, due to the maintenance of TAAG’s international fleet, namely the Boeing 777-300ER model.

‘We would like to thank HiFly for their collaboration during the term of this agreement, which has ensured the reinforcement of our operation and the smooth running of a priority route for TAAG. The Luanda-Lisbon service plays an important role at various levels, from economic dynamization to social cohesion, and this solution represented a commitment, together with HiFly, to guarantee a reliable and efficient service for our passengers,’ says Nelson de Oliveira, TAAG CEO.

Portugal is one of the favourite destinations and the gateway to Europe for many passengers, whether tourists, families or business people from Angola, Africa or South America. Simultaneously, Angola has positioned itself as an important hub for receiving and redirecting traffic from Portugal to the various destinations in the south, west and centre of the African continent.

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