TAAG Adds One Cargo, Two Passenger B737 Aircraft To Fleet

TAAG Adds One Cargo, Two Passenger B737 Aircraft To Fleet

Following the company’s business development dynamics and customer-oriented approach, TAAG Angola Airlines is empowering both cargo (B737-800) and passenger (B737-700) segments.

The first cargo flight was operated from the New Luanda International Airport (Dr. António Agostinho Neto) performed by TAAG Angola Airlines on December 19th, a charter service. It is Luanda– Lagos-Luanda connecting two of the largest economies in Africa (Angola and Nigeria). This major milestone is part of the company’s strategy to progressively increasing its footprint within the regional African air cargo market. Thus, focused on providing greater availability to passengers during (but not limited to) a high-demand period such as the festive season, the airline also incorporated two Boeing 737-700 aircraft with a configuration of 136 total passengers, 12 in business class and 124 in economy class.

Overall, the aircraft will cover domestic and regional destinations while TAAG Angola Airlines is adding new resources into the cargo segment (B737-800 with 24-ton capacity) in order to procure new contracts or non- regular cargo services.

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