Onyema Charges Nigerians To Support Indigenous Investments, Eschew Violence

Onyema Charges Nigerians To Support Indigenous Investments, Eschew Violence

The Chairman of Air Peace, Dr Allen Onyema, has charged Nigerians to support local businesses to boost the country’s economy, urging Nigerians to shun violence but embrace peace even in the face of the daunting challenges facing the nation.

Onyema, who made the call on Sunday, March 3, 2024, at the Silverbird Man of the Year Awards, stressed the importance of patronizing and supporting local businesses as a means of accelerating the economic development of the country. He said Nigerians have to ‘support their own’ to thrive instead of engaging in activities that frustrate such businesses.

Calling on his fellow compatriots to inculcate the spirit of broad nationalism and ward off sentiments of ethnic and religious nationalism, Onyema stated that if Nigerians continue to support foreign businesses at the expense of indigenous brands, the economy will continue to suffer a great blow.

Citing how Air Peace recently introduced low fares for its London service as a nationalistic initiative to ease the burden of air travel for Nigerians on the UK route and how this move made the foreign competition on the same route to reduce their fares, Onyema emphasized that supporting Nigerian businesses is an act of patriotism and it should become common practice for all Nigerians.

In the same vein, Senator Ben Murray Bruce, CEO, Silverbird Group, called on Nigerians to support Air Peace and other local businesses as the country cannot develop its economy sustainably without patronizing and growing local businesses.

Onyema, who acknowledged the economic doldrums that Nigeria is currently battling with, implored Nigerians to support the Tinubu government and give him some time to stabilize the economy.


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