New Directorates Will Bring Fresh Innovations To Airport Operations, says FAAN Director

New Directorates Will Bring Fresh Innovations To Airport Operations, says FAAN Director

The Director, Public Affairs and Consumer Protection of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mrs Obiageli Orah has said the newly created directorates in the agency are aimed at bringing fresh ideas and innovations into the country’s airports operations and their management.

She said FAAN has gone through tremendous changes with the upgrade of the former Corporate Affairs department into the Directorate of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, the creation of a Special Duty directorate and that of the Cargo Development and Services among other changes all geared toward meeting global standard in the management of airports under FAAN.

Mrs. Orah spoke when she received the new executive members of the League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC) led by the Chairman, Suleiman Idris in her office in Lagos on Monday.

According to the FAAN Director, the vision of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as encapsulated in the Renewed Hope Agenda underscored the vision of the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo to create new directorates that will ensure that Nigerians and the travelling publics are offered the best services across airports in the country.

While she commended the Minister for the new initiatives, Obiageli said “FAAN has gone through tremendous changes in the past few months. We have added some new directorates to the existing ones. I will start with my directorate which is public affairs and consumer protection. It is relatively a new one because we had corporate affairs but now christened public affairs and consumer protection. We also added a directorate of cargo development and services which deals with everything regarding cargo and hajj operations. We now also have a special duty directorate. One, I will describe as an interventionist directorate that helps the agency intervene in any situation as the case may be.”

According to her, “Whether new or existing, every single director has the drive, the energy including the Managing Director who on her own, has super energy. Everyone of us has the drive to ensure that we give the best to Nigerians. The minister himself who I am sure you are equally aware of his capacity is always on the go. The vision he has for FAAN is outstanding, and I would extend that to the new hope agenda of Mr. President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu because we are all here to key in into the new hope agenda.”

The FAAN spokesperson further said that “all we are here to do is to serve Nigerians and we are bringing a lot of innovations. We met system in place and all we can do is to build on the system, and in building upon the system we met, changes may occur. We may modify some things but it is all in good faith in order to serve Nigerians and the travelling public better.”

“The passengers that pass through the airports deserve the best because they pay money. They pay taxes, buy tickets and pay taxes on those tickets and all that. So, we feel and know that they deserve the best. That is why security of all passengers is very important. The safety and comfort of all our passengers are paramount to our operations.”

“And you talk about the services we render like seamless movement at the airports and of course, the movement of goods from one point to the other without any form of damage or challenges; when you look at all these, it gives you an idea of the vision that this administration has for Nigerians and where we are heading to.

We want Nigerians to be proud when they talk about FAAN. When they are passing through the airports, we want them to be proud of being citizens of this great country and the agency responsible for managing the airports on their behalf.”

LAAC Chairman, Idris pledged the support of the association in achieving the vision of the new administration and in turning the fortune of the country’s aviation industry around, affirming that they will continue to play the role of the media in upholding the leadership of the sector to account.

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