NCAA Stops Offer Of Services To Debtors

NCAA Stops Offer Of Services To Debtors

The Acting Director General, Civil Aviation, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt. Chris Najomo says a debt recovery Joint Task force shall be mandated to implement the regulator’s cost recovery drive, even as it embarks on intensive cost recovery this year.

Speaking at a meeting between NCAA leadership team and aviation correspondents with NCAA staff unions where he unfolded the “NCAA Project 2024” at NCAA Annex in Lagos yesterday, Najomo  said “all debtors to NCAA shall seize to receive services from the Authority…Operation no pay, no service” while strict sanctions shall be applied for defaulting operators. He said the Air Operators’ Certificate of some debtor airlines that have stopped operating such as Azman Air, would not be renewed until the debt is paid.

He said that efforts are being made by the regulator to help local airlines survive but that such efforts may be futile if the airlines themselves do not comply with simple requirements for sustained operations.

Najomo further said that in 2024, NCAA intends to simplify licensing processes and is “committed to implementing a simplified certification/licensing system to streamline the approval process. This will be extended to other authorizations, approvals and permits. This is a derivative of the Ease-of-doing-business philosophy towards encouraging growth of the aviation industry.

Achieving ISO 9001 certification would demonstrate NCAA’s commitment to providing a high level of service. Improving aviation stakeholders’ satisfaction and meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements would highlight NCAA’s robust quality management system.”

“The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) aims to implement a robust risk-based surveillance system. This is intended to close any potential gap opened by the increased validity period of AOCs for unscheduled and scheduled operators. This surveillance which encompasses safety, security and economic monitoring will be extended to all service providers” said Najomo, stating that there would be intensified consumer protection which will feature “enforcing airlines’ compliance with the Nig. Cars 2023 Part 19 (Consumer Protection Regulations), ensuring that airlines provide timely care to passengers. For service disruptions, ensuring that consumers receive quality service in the Nigerian aviation industry and that their rights are always protected.”

Capt. Najomo said “NCAA has embarked on a digitalization journey with EMPIC with a view to implementing several modules of the system. These modules include Personnel Licensing (PEL), Medical (MED),Type Certificate, Aircraft Register, Organisation Approval and Surveillance.” He explained that EMPIC-EAP provides software solutions for civil aviation authorities and organizations and that this initiative would feature change management.

“Change management refers to the process of transitioning from traditional methods of operations to new, more efficient digital systems with the step-by-step implementation of the EMPIC-EAP system into NCAA’s operations. Effective change management is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition, minimize resistance, and maximize the benefits of the new system. This includes training staff to use the new system, adapting existing processes to fit with the new software.”

On Volume 111 of EMPIC Change Management & ICT, Najomo said “NCAA has embarked on a digitalization journey such as the ICT automation project, regulatory safety oversight software (EMPIC), Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) to promote innovation digital  literacy, cyber security and ICT-enable business environment.”

“In the aftermath of the ICAO USOAP-CMA Audit of Nigeria’s civil aviation system, we will implement realistic corrective action plans that not only close the audit findings, but improve our aviation system. This means our focus is beyond just passing audits. We must enhance our safety oversight capabilities. Once Nigeria address the root causes arising from the findings, we automatically improve our Effective Implementation (EI) rating. Nigeria will undergo the ICAO Universal Security Audit Programme – Continuous Monitoring Approach audit from 11 to 22 March, 2024. The audit is to assess our aviation security and oversight system. NCAA is collaborating with FAAN and other relevant stakeholders in a bid to ensure we have an excellent showing during the audit. The USAP audit must be seen as a priority by this Management. We will endeavour to address all deficient areas squarely to assure the health of our aviation security oversight system is sound in the long-term, well beyond the audit,” stated Najomo.

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