Minister Keyamo Commits To Protection Of Operators, 2024

Minister Keyamo Commits To Protection Of Operators, 2024

The Minister of Aviation & Aerospace Development, Barrister Festus Keyamo (SAN) says one of the cornerstones of his commitment to improving the  industry “is the protection of operators within the industry”, emphasizing the role of his office “as a facilitator, working collaboratively with airlines, service providers, and other stakeholders to create an environment conducive to growth and sustainability.”

A statement signed by Tunde Moshood, SA Media and Communications to the Honourable Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development says the Minister reiterated his commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability for air travelers, airlines, and all stakeholders.

The statement further reads: “The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development, extends its sincere gratitude to the entire aviation community for their resilience and collaboration throughout the past year.

In a bid to reinforce the industry’s global standing, the Honourable Minister reassures all parties of his unwavering dedication to strict adherence to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) minimal standards.

Furthermore, the Honourable Minister affirms his stance on non-interference in safety standards. Recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining and elevating safety protocols, he pledges to uphold and support the decisions of aviation regulatory bodies, ensuring that safety remains top priority.

As we embark on a new year, the Nigerian aviation industry welcomes all air travelers, airlines, and organizations with open arms. Together, we look forward to a future where safety, innovation, and collaboration define our shared journey.”


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