Ibom Air Dismisses False, Mischievous Claims Regarding Air Incidents

Ibom Air Dismisses False, Mischievous Claims Regarding Air Incidents

Ibom Air has categorically dismissed the recent false claims made by a certain individual on social media, alleging incidents involving its aircraft.

A statement signed by Ibom Air’s General Manager, Marketing & Communications, Aniekan Essienette says “this individual did a write-up detailing multiple incidents involving Ibom Air aircraft, including a narrow escape from a crash on Valentine’s Day and an alleged emergency landing. These are complete falsehoods.

Contrary to this individual’s repeated falsehoods and sensational assertions, there is no basis for the allegations of Ibom Air aircraft being overworked or compromised in terms of safety. Ibom Air maintains rigorous safety standards and adheres strictly to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations.

Furthermore, the allegations of specific individuals, including prominent political figures and their family members being involved in incidents is a figment of this individual’s imagination.

Ibom Air has no choice other than to take the baseless assertions of this individual on social media as a threat to the airline’s safety and security. As such, the airline has reported it to the State Police Command and Directorate of State Services (DSS).

Ibom Air urges the public to disregard in its entirety, the falsehoods being peddled by this individual. As a responsible organization committed to the highest levels of corporate governance and transparency, Ibom Air stands firmly against the propagation of false information and remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.”

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