Green Africa Concludes Quarter 1, 2024 With 97% OTP

Green Africa Concludes Quarter 1, 2024 With 97% OTP

Green Africa airline says it has achieved remarkable success with schedule reliability and on-time departure in the first quarter of 2024, starting the year with an impressive On-Time Performance (OTP) of 83.06% and concluding Q1 with an outstanding 97.09% OTP and 99.55% schedule reliability.

OTP in aviation is the percentage of scheduled flights departing within 15 minutes of the published time. By ensuring dependable flight schedules and timely departures, the airline empowers customers to plan their journeys with confidence.

Olayinka Adeyiga, Senior Manager of Airport Services at Green Africa, said, “Our On-Time Performance has soared from 83.06% in January to 89.80% in February, and an industry-leading 97.09% in March. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to providing safe, affordable and reliable service to every Green Africa Customer.”

Despite external challenges, including adverse weather conditions and airspace closures, Green Africa remains steadfast in its pursuit of operational excellence. Operating from the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) in Lagos, the airline established in August 2021. serves multiple destinations including Abuja, Akure, Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Ilorin, Owerri and Port Harcourt.

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