FAAN Boss Commends Lagos State Governor On Drainage

FAAN Boss Commends Lagos State Governor On Drainage

The Managing Director/Chief Executive of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Capt Hamisu Yadudu has commended the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu for his prompt response to a request FAAN made on drainage of watery substances that constitute threat to safety around the Lagos airport.
He said: “I use this opportunity to express our most profound appreciation to his Excellency, the Governor of Lagos state for his very strong display of cooperation and leadership especially in our own case as FAAN. We met him few months ago to complain about a particular drainage. A lot of water and a lot of debris were coming that attracted a lot of things. One time this year, it was so high. It broke down the fence of the airport over the bridge and we had to scamper around to do an emergency procurement of fencing to cover it.
We called Lagos State, showed them the situation, water from almost three local governments disrupting our operations and also bringing a lot of unwanted attention to our operation from animals and so on. We mentioned it to the Governor who promised to assist us. So, it was to our astonishment today that we went for inspection and saw, not only work ongoing, but serious work with a lot of heavy concrete. The company has already mobilized and has cleared most of the area from plastic, debris and on both sides, over a100 meter of concrete have been laid and it is progressing rapidly. When he promised to assist us, we did not expect it so quickly and so decisively. I think it’s only fair for us to appreciate and commend his leadership. We thank him very much and believe he is a strong partner of progress for us. He has shown it. Once again, thank you Lagos State.”
In his remark, Capt. Nuhu said: “We’ve toured the airport. We’ve been around. I have been at the industry almost 40 years the things I saw today. I never knew they existed. It gives us a better understanding and a better view of the difficulties that the management Murtala Muhammed Airport is facing. I am sure you are aware of the issues of people having bird strikes but what I saw today is amazing.
The drainage from Ejibo, from Ikeja and everywhere; they all flow into the airport. It’s not just water. It comes with all sorts of rubbish, plastic I mean, disgusting stuff; and those attract the birds which contribute to issues of bird strikes but thank God the MD, FAAN reached out to the Lagos state governor and the state government and they are working together and of course, the efforts I saw physically today in cleaning up those drainages is quite commendable. I am sure with time, a lot of these bird strike issues will significantly reduce; not only that, they are even trying to see how they can map the Lagos airport, have the drainages flow through the airport so that proper and permanent solutions can be brought to the issues. This is what we are coming to MMA to settle. It is not only the issues of the bird strikes. It has other issues it settles and it peculates under the runway and creates other damages to the airport facilities. So, it’s an ongoing project. There is progress. Is there more to do? Certainly!
There is a lot more work to do but at least, when you identify your difficulties and define your challenges, that is a significant part of the solution and that is the whole focus of this; to show us the challenges they are facing and the efforts they are putting in place to deal with this.”

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