FAAN Advises Travellers On Airport Usage This Season, Assures Of Seamless Passage

FAAN Advises Travellers On Airport Usage This Season, Assures Of Seamless Passage

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has urged Nigerians to feel confident  to travel  through  the airports  this Yuletide  season  as the Authority  has consistently taken measures  to upgrade her  security  apparatus  to ensure  safety  of life and property  of the travelling  public .

A statement signed by Abdullahi Yakubu-Funtua, FAAN’s Director of Public Affairs & Consumer Protection reads: “FAAN, therefore, enjoins all travellers  to be at the airport  early enough to reduce rush as well  as not to miss their flights.

International travellers must be at the airport three hours before departure, while local travellers should arrive two hours to flight schedule. Ensure that you pack your luggage by yourself. You must not assist anyone with  his/her luggage. If anyone needs help, he/she should call the attention of airport officials. Do not leave your luggage unattended to.

The FAAN has expanded the screening area at the airports in order to give passengers a better flying experience.  Keep an eye on your valuables while passing through screening. A joint task force at the land side is working relentlessly  to ensure the free flow of traffic.

Ensure that you park your vehicle properly at the car park to avoid it being towed away.

Do not engage the services of touts. The Authority  frowns at extortion and has gone an extra mile  to engage undercover staff to observe  and report  every  act of misdemeanours at the airports. The MD of FAAN  at a recent  event gave  severe warning to staff as well as all government  agencies  that operate  at our airports  that FAAN  will ensure  that whoever is  culpable  is punished.

Do not give bribes or encourage extortion.  Respect rules and regulations in respect of carriage of prohibited articles, liquids, and gel. We have information desks at all our airports to assist  you. Please make use of them.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria wishes all Nigerians and our teaming visitors a very pleasurable holiday in and out of our country.”

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