Dana Introduces Roving Agents, Exclusive Deals for Dana Miles Club Members

With a view to ease Passenger facilitation and check-in processes, Dana Air has added yet another customer-centric solution called Roving Check-in Agents.
This is cutting edge innovation which will supplement the self-check-in kiosk at the airport and will aid speedy check-in for passengers travelling with just hand luggage.
What we are offering in roving agents is an immense value addition for our guests, said the Media and Communications Manager of Dana Air, Kingsley Ezenwa.
”Though these roving agents mainly cater to passengers with hand baggage, they also issue boarding passes to customers with check-in luggage. They do this strapped with two mobile devices, a palmtop to punch in the PNR number and a mini printer that prints the boarding passes; walk around the check-in counter issuing our customers their boarding passes instantly.”
We will continue to invest in technology for ease of reservation, booking and check-in for our guests. We introduced the self-check-in kiosk some years back and now roving. We’re slowly moving away from dedicated check-in counters for passengers with hand luggage, to more innovative methods” Kingsley added.
Similarly, Dana Air has announced exclusive cash plus miles deals for members of its loyalty program called Dana Miles Club.
Speaking on the new deals for Dana Miles Club members, The Deputy CEO of the airline, Sukhjiner Mann said, ”our customers have actually been through a lot with the ongoing scarcity and hike in cost of jet A1 and we remain sincerely sorry for the inconveniences these recent issues may have caused, but these are exciting times for our frequent flyers and intending members of the Dana Miles Club.
”With one mile selling for N3.00, members can now buy miles and part-pay for ticket using miles plus cash. Existing members get 20% discount when they buy miles to pay for tickets while new members get 3,600 bonus miles when they buy 14,400 miles to get an economy ticket.
”This is surely the best time to be a member of Dana Miles as your accrued miles is now the game changer. And if you are a new member, its time to buy miles to get instant economy or business Class tickets as your desire. All you need to do is visit www.flydanaair.com or send a mail to [email protected] to register.”
Dana Air is one of Nigeria’s leading airlines with a varied fleet of 9 aircraft and daily flights to major cities in Nigeria

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