ASRTI Proposes Amendments To The Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs)

Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative (ASRTI) has proposed an urgent review of PART 9 of Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs) that deals with Air Operator Certification and Administration.

A statement signed by ASRTI General Secretary, Olumide Ohunayo reads:  “Further to our meeting and discussions with the Director General and the NCAA management staff on Thursday December 28, 2023, our executive Summary position paper sent to the NCAA dated 21 March 2023 and our presentation to the Committee on Civil Aviation Policy Review, we hereby reiterate the urgency to review PART 9: Air Operator Certification and Administration bordering on the ISSUANCE OR DENIAL OF AOC whereby another layer of scheduled operator licensing be urgently initiated for operators whose total fleet seat should not be more than a 100. On exceeding 100 seats, they must apply for the prevailing category of AOC which will go through all the necessary certification process as may be applicable. We believe this approach will encourage and stimulate the growth of new entrant low cost carriers who will be granted fees exemptions and tax holidays. It can also encourage the existing carriers to set up subsidiaries that are independently managed and complementary.
This is similar to what we have in the United States of America, Part 135 for commuter and on Demand Operations vis-a-vis Part 121 Operations
Our proposal is not for the NCAA to create a restricted airline operation with stringent safety regulations to encourage new entrants into operations that would expand airport access and create new markets. Please find below, the expected benefits:
More aircraft and jobs for different professionals in the industry
Improved use of airports otherwise termed unviable or dormant in this Nigeria
Increased use of our air space
Increased patronage and the enplanement of passengers and cargo
Increased revenue to all agencies and entire aviation value chain
Increased aviation contribution to the country’s GDP
Veritable ground for training pilots, engineers and allied professionals.”


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