7Star Global Hangar, Dana Collaboration For Cost Saving Maintenance Culture, Says Ahmadu

7Star Global Hangar, Dana Collaboration For Cost Saving Maintenance Culture, Says Ahmadu

The Director of Business Development/Corporate Affairs at 7Star Global Hangar, Sani Ahmadu has said that the collaboration and the success of 7Star Global Hangar Limited and Dana Airlines, which saw his company successfully conclude a C-Check for the MD83 aircraft belonging to Dana Airlines will give Nigeria’s aviation industry a cost saving maintenance culture.
“With such collaboration, the industry will witness a cost saving maintenance culture capable of sustaining airlines in Nigeria. Greater thanks to the NCAA for their continued support and oversight throughout the project, ensuring that every task is carried out in accordance with the approved documentations,” Ahmadu said in a statement.
The collaboration and the success of both companies led to the release of the Certificate of Airworthiness by the NCAA on Thursday. 7star Global Hangar is a major independent MRO in sub–Saharan Africa in terms of capability.
He said 7star Global Hangar is committed to providing responsible, professional and premium quality aircraft maintenance services and that the success was a great achievement for both 7Star Global Hangar and Dana Air in particular and the country in general as this will in turn reduce capital flight.
The statement further quoted the Accountable Manager of Dana Air, Ememobong Ettete as saying that it was a great achievement for both Dana Air and 7star Global Hangar and that Dana Air is proud to have pioneered this feat. “This is a huge win for our industry and we are delighted to be part of it.
Dana Air remains committed to the growth and development of Nigeria’s aviation industry and the economy at large and we will continue to contribute our quota in this regard. Dana Air was recently recognized for supporting young aviation professionals, entrenching her position as a proudly Nigerian airline.

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